Where can I learn to trade Forex?

Forex Trading

Many people are fascinated by the world of trading, even if very few of them dare to become active themselves in the markets. It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

With the right education, dedication and time, basically anyone can become successful in the forex markets. Of course, only very few people are fortunate to move amounts in the millions, but on a smaller scale, there are millions of people who make a good living trading the markets day-to-day. With over $6 Trillion traded on the Forex markets every day.

In the following guide, we hope to give you a better understanding of what forex trading is, where you can learn to trade forex and how to get started trading the forex markets.

What is Forex?

This is the abbreviation for the term “Foreign Exchange”. In forex trading, traders speculate on the performance of one currency against another. The forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with over $6 Billion traded every day.

It has never been easier to start trading the Forex markets, with an internet connection, a computer and a small amount of capital, you can trade the Forex Markets from anywhere in the world. But before you start trading it’s important to receive a high-quality trading education.

Where To Start?

First of all, before you place a single trade it’s a matter of acquiring the right knowledge & education on how to trade the financial markets, this means finding an experienced and reliable mentor to show you the ropes. This will help you avoid expensive mistakes that 90% of new traders make.

Anyone who wants to start trading as a beginner should not do so with the “jump into the deep end” attitude. Before you start you need to learn the key fundamentals such as understanding price action, what are PIPs and how to risk manage correctly. These topics are all part of the Financial Markets Online free beginners course.

Once you’ve built a solid foundation of knowledge, it’s a matter of finding a reputable broker to start trading with. If you go on the search, you will quickly find that the selection of brokers is huge and finding the right one may seem confusing, that’s why Financial Markets Online have partnered with some of the top brokerages in the UK to ensure their members use only the best brokers throughout their trading education.

Financial Markets Online is rated as the Best Forex education course in the UK on Trustpilot, with thousands of individuals learning to trade the financial markets from their team of experienced professional traders. FMO works with a wide variety of individuals from new to seasoned traders, helping each trader reach their trading goals.

To browse the full range of forex education courses that Financial Markets Online offer, click here.

When Do Forex Markets Open?

The beauty of trading is that you can trade from anywhere, but depending where in the world you’re based means you will probably trade certain markets.
The Forex markets are open 24 hours a day Monday to Friday across the world, but what markets are open at what time? We have listed out the traditional opening times for each major market below.

New York 1pm to 10pm UTC,
Tokyo 12am to 9am UTC,
Sydney 10pm to 7am UTC
London 7am to 4pm UTC.

If you have any further questions about trading forex or would like to speak to a professional trading mentor to arrange a free consultation, click here.

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