What is The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

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Why Does the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium Matter?

Statements made at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium are watched closely by investors and major market players. Unanticipated remarks about a market’s outlook that are made from important speakers of the event can have a major impact on global stock and currency prices.

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What Is the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium?

The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium is an annual symposium, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City since 1978, and held in Jackson Hole, Wyo., since 1981. Every year, the symposium focuses on an important economic issue that faces world economies. Participants include prominent central bankers and finance ministers, as well as academic luminaries and leading financial market players from around the world.

The symposium proceedings are closely followed by market participants, as unexpected remarks emanating from the heavyweights at the symposium have the potential to affect global stock and currency markets.


  • The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium conference is an annual and exclusive central banking conference to foster open discussion about important and current policy matters.
  • Papers and transcripts of the conference are compiled into proceedings books, which are posted on the website and published in a volume that is available for free online or in print.
  • Past topics of consideration at the conference include the impact of tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google on big companies (2018) and financial stability in the wake of a global recession (2016).

The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium is one of the longest-standing central banking conferences in the world. The mission of the event is to foster an open discussion. Attendees are selected based on each year’s topic, with additional consideration given to create regional diversity among attendees.


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