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Just how did our trades perform? Are you ready to profit?

Join Atif & Kane as they go through the trades covered in the last episode and look at what we can expect to see in the coming weeks from a number of pairs. Watch the video below.
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Our top 3 trading opportunities of the week

This week we have picked our top trading opportunities of the week, looking at DXY, EURUSD & USDCAD DXY Sellers pushed price down to the Daily 200 SMA and Monthly S2 Pivot as highlighted in last week’s analysis before pulling back into Daily Phase 2. Higher revisions in US retails sales data on Friday sent...
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Top trades of the week

This week there are a number of pairs and assets we are keeping a close eye on. Read about our top three below: Gold Momentum continued to the upside and stalled at the February 2019 swing high. Seasonally the main summer low is put in place around Mid-June. I would favour a Daily Phase 2...
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Meet Anna Reynolds

Ex-waitress making £100K-a-year after landing job as wealth trader A WAITRESS turned the ­tables on her life by ditching her ­minimum-wage role to become a wealth trader. Learn just how she did it by working with the team. Read on here…. Daily Star Article Click Here See The Article  
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4 easy ways to make more money

Cash, dough, cheddar, money: it’s what makes the world go ‘round! But rather unfortunately, people are finding it more and more difficult to earn and maintain a steady income due to rising prices of living – especially in large cities like London. Thankfully, if you’re looking to increase the amount of cash in your pockets,...
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DXY Buyers gave it one last shot as price bounced off the Daily 20 EMA, went again to the Monthly R1 Pivot and failed. Potential triple top looks likely to form now. I would follow the same approach as last week where expect to see a more consolidated and rangy drop. Just an important point...
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Why you should create a trading plan

Creating your trading plan The positive impact a Trading Plan can have on your Trading Psychology and Discipline In order to be successful in the financial markets there are many skills and characteristics required. Key competencies involve the ability to understand and interpret; trend, support, and resistance alongside reading various indicators. Conversely none of these...
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5 Signs The Trader You Are Following On Instagram Is A Con

Trading is a lucrative career – if you’re good at it, disciplined and know how to stay risk managed – and one, which many aspire to. But not all traders are created equal and there are a lot of fakes out there. But how do you spot them? Today, we are sharing 5 signs the...
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Weekly Market Breakdown

Join Ollie as we look at a range of currencies and their expected movements this week. Our members receive these updates on a daily and weekly basis from our team of traders. Trading can be a lonely place so we have strived to build, and will continue to do so, a community allowing traders to...
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