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Focus on the process not the profits

Focus on the process not the profits. As we approach the last weeks of the decade now is as good a time as any to reflect on how to better your life going into the next 10 years. In trading a major reason why people fail and form part of the 90-90-90 rule is that...
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election results

Largest majority since the 1980s

GBP surging, shares on the rise – all due to the Conservatives winning their largest majority since the 1980s. The Conservatives won a clear majority in the general election and we have seen instant rises in the markets as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is now a little bit clearer. The pound jumped to a three-and-a-half-year...
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stop loss hunting

The Truth about Stop Loss Hunting

The truth about stop loss hunting. For those of you who love a conspiracy theory, what I am about to tell you and expose will disappoint you. “Stop Loss Hunting” is a well known online theory about the acts of brokers and institutions to effect price action so it is about time you know the...
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managing your live trades

Managing your live trades

A common problem traders often face is knowing how you should be managing your live trades. This article explains just how you should think about protecting your open trades when live in the market. Often SO MUCH time goes in to finding a trade to place, checking it meets the rules and so on, that planning how...
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longevity in trading

How to achieve longevity in trading

How to achieve longevity in trading can be achieved relatively simply. What stops retails traders from being part of the 90-90-90 (90% of traders blow 90% of their account within the first 90 days of opening it) rule is simply emotion. When trading, the reason why you took it up often determines whether you will...
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trading orders

What types of orders should you use when trading

The most common question we receive is what types of orders when trading should I use. Before going into this we wanted to give some context by talking about a EURCHF trade order we placed and the reasons why, citing an example of using a pending buy order. To receive our FREE signal and daily analysis...
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More Brexit Madness This Week | 8th October 2019

So another day in British politics and it seems we are even further away from a deal over Brexit than ever before. With Parliament expected to be suspended today and Angela Merkel telling Boris Johnson a deal is “overwhelmingly unlikely”, GBP has suffered, with some sharp moves to the downside. It is now sitting at...
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Why we analyse Dollar Index & Euro more closely

Today I wanted to bring your attention to how we look and analyse the markets, looking at in particular the Dollar Index (DXY) & Euro (EUR).   On Tuesday 1st October we sent out the below video to our members via Telegram.   We know with DXY it is heavily weighted against the Euro so...
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Today was all about patience | 17th September 2019

Today was all about patience. Come 9.30am this morning we saw little activity in the markets that took our interest, so we looked at the longer time frame opportunities turning to the 4 hour charts. Shortly after we sent out 3 trades for our VIP members. By showing patience and not entering the market it...
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