Top 5 Forex Trading Strategies You Need to Know


Trading forex calls for the critical support of the most effective forex trading strategies to make the most out of your investment. Researching some of the best trading strategies can help you take the opportunity with minimal risk of impacting your funds.

In this article, we discuss some of the top-level forex trading strategies you need to consider and use in 2022 to get the results you desire.

What are forex strategies?

Forex strategies are methods utilised by forex traders to help recognise which currency pairs are best to buy or sell at that current time. It helps limit the risk and develops a better understanding of what you are trading.

The right forex strategy will offer the ability to analyse and understand the market and make decisions with confidence. Not every strategy will meet the needs of each trader, but with enough research and understanding of time frames and opportunities, forex traders will discover what works best for them individually.

Why you need forex trading strategies

The benefits of having a forex trading strategy are almost endless. Here are just a few to consider:

Greater profits

Profit consistency is what every trader could dream of, and trading strategies help secure the wins you aim to achieve. As long as you continue to research, a forex trading strategy can help make a profit more consistently.

Full trading confidence

Confidence is a key factor in successful forex trading, especially for beginners who may feel anxious about making their first trading decisions. Strategies that work to minimise risks help beginners understand risk management and how they can remain confident in their trading choices.

The reliability factor

Reliable forex strategies will teach traders to understand the market and know when is the right time to trade which positions. They also help improve trading skills as you continue to utilise them.

The top 5 forex trading strategies you need to know

While not every strategy will work for every trader, here are the top five strategies to get started on your forex trading journey.

News trading

Perhaps one of the most straightforward strategies, news trading is when traders in the forex industry take note of specific current events, calendars and world disasters as and when they occur to get a bigger picture of the latest movements in trade.

Keeping close track of everything is time-consuming, but the rewards are unmatched. Researching what could happen allows traders to make careful decisions about what to trade next and what to avoid.

Swing trading

Swing trading is a medium-term strategy that helps forex traders profit from price swings. This type of trading calls for plenty of patience and requires traders to hold their trades for up to several days.

It includes identifying any possible trends and holding on to the trade for some time – perfect for those unable to monitor charts throughout the day but have some time spare in the evening.


Scalping is a short-term focused strategy that aims to profit from small price movements within the market. It involves buying and selling a foreign currency pair, but only holding the position for a few minutes or even seconds, and repeated throughout the day to gain numerous returns.

Price action trading

This strategy helps to predict movements in the market by noting patterns in price. Price action trading is a day trading method where traders decide on trades based on the price movements rather than on indicators highlighted from technical analysis. Instead of researching algorithms and indicators, price action will inform you what the market is doing rather than what you think it should do.

Day trading

Day trades are exited before the end of the day to prevent the chance of being dramatically affected by data shifts overnight. This strategy is popular amongst beginners, and the trades often last a matter of hours.

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