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Today was all about patience.

Come 9.30am this morning we saw little activity in the markets that took our interest, so we looked at the longer time frame opportunities turning to the 4 hour charts.

Shortly after we sent out 3 trades for our VIP members.

By showing patience and not entering the market it allowed us time to further analyse potential positions.

Due to the lack of momentum we saw the above set up as they turned into new phase 1’s along with the trend.
Patience was rewarded.
At 6.30pm all 3 trades were in profit.
GBPUSD – 90 pips up
GBPCAD – 101 pips up
EURJPY – 43 pips up
Along with our copy trade options, we send out regular analysis to our members to help them get through the noise of the markets.
Our trade update was sent this evening via our VIP Group on Telegram.
You can watch the video below:

Free Group Update

Over in the free group we have seen some great results.
The team also place the same trades we send out and over the past week everyone should be in profit.

Below we are showing you our thinking on the EURJPY position we placed yesterday 16th September.

Yesterday saw us place a position on EURJPY with a sell stop order. With the weekends attacks on the oil plant in Saudi Arabia, which creates uncertainty in the market, investors and traders turn to safe havens. One of these being the YEN. We also saw, at the back end of last week and yesterday morning the EU have been talking about QE and reducing the value of the Euro to help the economy.
The chart seemed to relay this information seeing a moving average cross on the 1hr time frame. On the Daily time frame we saw a strong high test candle off the 50 moving average with my Stochastic Oscillator indicator extremely over-bought. I am ticking several boxes of confirmation for my short position and like the fact that I am guided by the 200 moving average as to where to place my take profit level.
With our position live we moved into the next day as we continued to monitor it throughout the day with our take profit then banked at 35 pips.

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