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James Bentley

A second generation trader, James comes from a family of professional traders and started to trade full time as a profession from an early age. James actually placed his first trade when he was 13 and fell in love with it ever since. Now heading up the FMO trading floor James oversees the traders, courses and works closely with our advanced members trading company funds.

Samuel Fuller

Sam has been in the financial services industry for a number of years and in particular the trading industry for the last 7 years. Sam manages our members welfare and is the bridge between the trading floor and them on a day to day basis. As well as trading himself Sam also takes great care in making sure all of our members and clients have everything they need.


Jarek Sklodowski

Jarek was originally a personal trainer for many years after moving to London from Poland in 1997. Training high net worth individuals in Chelsea, Jarek soon found a mentor and started learning how to trade the financial markets. Now with over 12 years professional trading experience and set up trading floors globally. Jarek is a senior member of the FMO trading floor and mentors a small group of traders personally.

Ij Lateef team

Ij Lateef

Self taught trader with a background in banking, Ij has been learning, and involved with trading the last 4 years. Having spent that time experiencing every physical and mental emotion that comes with the journey in trading, and completed our CTP program, Ij is now a consistent, profitable and professional trader ready to support you in doing the same.


Obi Edeh

Obi is an engineer at heart and has two degrees serving in the construction industry. In 2015 Obi braved the career change into the financial markets and has not looked back since. He has developed a great understanding of market structure and price action and helps our traders understand the markets in a simple way through coaching sessions. Trading a portion of FMO capital successfully Obi uses COT data and Seasionality to improve his selection process and understand incoming market maker moves to enable him to be ahead price action.

Atif Qureshi

Primarily self-taught, Atif comes from a financial background. After learning the basics of technical analysis through coaching from James, he went on to enhance his knowledge on COT data, seasonality and fundamentals. As well as a regular contributor of trading ideas, Atif works closely with the advanced group and sends out a detailed weekly analysis and watchlist.


James Strattan

James has been in the trading education industry for the past 5 years often travelling internationally helping new traders get started on their trading journey. James, initially came in to trading like many of our members, working with our head trader who was his coach. He has gone through the emotions all new retail traders go through when trading so is in the perfect place to guide and help you get started.


Jeevan Sodhi

Jeevan first came into contact with trading after looking for an additional income stream. Coached by one of the founders of Financial Markets Online it really struck home that this is something he wants to do for as long as he can. Trading full time for 2 years now (written in 2019) Jeevan has gone through the early stages of growing a trading account – finding consistency, profitability and keeping his capital safe.


Joshua Ramiah

Joshua’s trading journey is very relatable to a lot of our younger students. Like many, he started looking into trading whilst at university initially as a second income. After investing himself heavily into his education with Financial Markets Online he progressed rapidly and was taken on as a Trading Consultant here at FMO making the switch early from University to the Trading industry. Josh now helps guide and mentor our VIP students whilst also trading himself and for family and friends.

Michael Barker

Coming from a construction background, Forex trading was very much foreign for Michael. However, after being in that industry for over a decade he was determined to make the switch to Forex Trading, surrounding himself as much as possible with the team at Financial Markets Online. After 3 years of hard work and perseverance, Michael is now consistently profitable and has been generating a substantial secondary income from his trading. Michael holds an integral role in FMO team assisting our VIP students and helping them avoid the mistakes and pitfalls he experienced whilst also continuing to improve his trading looking to turn it into a full-time income.

David Berrow

After completing his degree in Project Management at University, David took the decision to leave his successful career path to pursue his dream of becoming a successful currency trader. David sought mentorship from one of the now Directors of Financial Markets Online and 4 years on not only has he managed to achieve his goal of making trading a full-time income but has now become part of the FMO team helping people through the early stages of their trading journey passing on what he experienced and learnt when he was in their shoes.

Charlie Fuller

Coming from a family of traders working on trading floors for financial institutions such as Nomura and Citi Bank, Forex Trading has always been in Charlies blood. By the age of 21 Charlie was already learning the strategies and techniques used by seasoned investors, using these to help him obtain a full time income from trading before his 24th birthday. 6 years into his journey Charlie has spent the last 3 years coaching and mentoring students through their entire journey with Financial Markets Online as a Senior Trading Consultant whilst continuing to trade his own personal account as well as company funds.

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