Red Flags in Prop Firms – A Guide by Financial Markets Online


Prop trading firms offer traders the opportunity to trade with the firm’s capital, providing access to larger sums of money. However, these firms often have hidden pitfalls designed to ensure traders fail. In this article, we’ll delve into the red flags to watch out for, helping you navigate the complex landscape of prop trading firms.


Understanding Prop Firms

Prop firms can be an excellent tool for traders, offering the chance to trade with significant capital. However, these firms profit when traders lose money. Therefore, they often incorporate hidden tricks to ensure traders trip up and lose their accounts, necessitating the purchase of new challenges.


Key Red Flags

1. Types of Drawdowns

Prop firms employ different types of drawdowns to their advantage, often confusing traders with complex terms. The three main types are:

  • Balance-based Drawdown: This is straightforward and fair. For instance, on a $100,000 account, a 10% drawdown means you can only lose $10,000 before failing the challenge.
  • Equity-based Drawdown: This is based on unrealized profit and can trip traders up. Even if you haven’t closed a trade, if your equity drops by the specified percentage, you lose the account.
  • Trailing Drawdown: This follows you as you gain profit. If you reach $110,000 from $100,000 but then drop back to $100,000, you could still lose the account, despite not dropping below the initial balance.


2. Misleading Profit Targets

Prop firms often lure traders with seemingly attractive profit targets and prices. However, these targets can be deceptive. For example, a firm might offer a low 6% profit target but only allow a 5% drawdown, making it harder to meet the target.


3. Slippage and Execution Issues

Many prop firms intentionally give traders significant slippage, causing them to lose accounts. It’s crucial to work with firms known for fair and accurate trade execution.


4. Payout Restrictions

Some prop firms only allow payouts after a minimum profit threshold is met. This forces traders to continue trading to reach the payout level, increasing the risk of losing their accounts.


5. Influencer Promotions

Be wary of prop firms heavily promoted by influencers. These firms often prioritize marketing over fair trading conditions and might deny payouts or restrict account access if you become too profitable.


6. Outsourced Technology

Many prop firms outsource their technology, relying on external providers to manage their systems. These firms might struggle to remain profitable and could collapse, leaving traders without payouts.


7. Trade Restrictions

Prop firms that restrict holding trades overnight, over the weekend, or during news events force traders into suboptimal trading conditions. These restrictions are typically in place to ensure traders fail more frequently.


Summary Table

Red Flag Description
Drawdown Types Balance-based, equity-based, and trailing drawdowns with complex terms.
Misleading Profit Targets Attractive but deceptive targets that are difficult to achieve.
Slippage Intentional slippage causing account losses.
Payout Restrictions Minimum profit thresholds before allowing payouts.
Influencer Promotions Firms heavily promoted by influencers, often with poor trading conditions.
Outsourced Technology Dependency on external tech providers, risking financial instability.
Trade Restrictions Limitations on holding trades overnight, over weekends, or during news events to force suboptimal conditions.


Navigating the world of prop trading firms can be challenging, but understanding the red flags can help you make more informed decisions. Avoid firms with deceptive practices, choose those with transparent and fair trading conditions, and always prioritize firms with a solid reputation over flashy marketing.


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