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Forex Trading


Forex is also knows as foreign exchange or FX trading and is one of the world’s most widely traded markets, with $5 Trillion traded each day. FX trading allows you to speculate on the movement of global currencies.
Trading in the forex is not done at one central location but is conducted between participants through electronically in various markets around the world. The market is open 24 hours a day from 10pm GMT on Sunday until 10pm GMT Friday. Unlike physically dealing with Stocks, you can profit from rising and falling currency pairs.

What Financial Markets Online Offers?

Financial Markets Online educates people on how to potentially tap into an extra income stream alongside your current salary or pension. Whether you’re in the financial or trading industry, or from an entirely different field completely, Financial Markets Online will teach you how to trade. The friendly and informal courses provided by FMO are designed so that whether you’re an absolute beginner or have experience already, you will fit right in and learn in a relaxed atmosphere from industry experts. Financial Markets Online doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire, but can open the door for you to make a little extra each month to spend on the things you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re interested in lifestyle trading and a simple way to achieve the lifestyle you crave, our online course is the are the perfect educational tool.

  • Trade anywhere in the world, anytime
  • Liquid market ($5 Trillion traded daily)
  • No degree or qualifications needed
  • Trade as little as an hour a day
  • Tax free profits under UK law

No Minimum Investment

Risk 1% of Your Account

Global Mission Statement

With over 40+ years combined experience working within the financial markets, Financial Markets Online aims to build a leading trading community in the FX world where traders of all experiences are discussing, analysing and profiting daily from the markets. Our online trading pit room gives novice traders the opportunity to work alongside professional traders 24 hours a day.

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