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Keep up to date with the latest cryptocurrency trading news from around the world

Posted: 20 April 2019

Thailand Is Opening Up to Crypto, One Step Closer to ICO and STO

Thailand is gradually opening to crypto with its first ICO portal and it is in an ideal position to facilitate the approval of the first STO in Asia

Posted: 14 April 2019

Young Africa Looks to Crypto for Payment

The youth in Lagos are turning to Bitcoin solutions as recently graduated freelancers and mid-level employees embrace cryptocurrency payments

Posted: 12 April 2019

Facebook, Twitter and Telegram: A New Crypto Paradigm or a Glorified Voucher Program?

How cryptocurrencies from Telegram to Facebook could drive crypto adoption and change the finance industry

Posted: 11 April 2019

Cryptos Struggle With Mass Adoption in Pakistan

Pakistan looks toward regulation for nascent crypto industry

Posted: 9 April 2019

Bitcoin and Ethereum Show New Momentum After 20% Gain, Is a New Rally in the Works?

Bitcoin recovers to $5,200 after an initial 20% gain and crypto market finds new momentum, will it lead to a significant upside movement?

Posted: 9 April 2019

Smart Cities Offer Promises and Concerns Over Privacy

Political promises disguise problems with smart city projects

Posted: 7 April 2019

Bitcoin Creator and Superagent: What You Should Know About Craig Wright

You’ve probably heard that Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Most recently, he’s been busy building a patent empire and deleting his Twitter — learn more here

Posted: 7 April 2019

‘Free’ Money: How Students Mine Cryptocurrency in Their Dorm Rooms

Students mine crypto in their dorm rooms with “free” electricity — some simply earn their beer money, some build mining empires.

Posted: 5 April 2019

Bitcoin Wash Trading: Sifting Facts From Fears

The Bitcoin wash trading dilemma highlights the need for more transparency in the industry to eliminate unethical practices.

Posted: 2 April 2019

A Guilty Verdict, Impatient Creditors and a Resurrecting Movement: Mt. Gox Saga Continues

The Mt. Gox saga continues, but there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for creditors, as the trustee is said to release findings within days.

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