Advanced Trader Programme


Advanced Forex Trader Programme

Designed for traders who want to understand what drives market moves and how to best capitalise on them.

The Advanced Trader Course is designed for traders who want to understand what drives market moves and how to best capitalise on them. Those sitting the course will learn about the commitments of trader’s report, the only report of its kind that shows what traders around the world are actually doing and how to interpret this report to take actionable and highly profitable trading decisions.

To complement this, the course will also show you that there are repeating supply and demand patterns that can be harnessed in line with the Commitments of Trader’s report to give very high reward to risk trades.

Combining these conditions with an advanced understanding of price action expression, time frame correlation, and the ability to identify positive chart and cycle structures, the course will not only give you the skills to trade the beginning of major market moves, on any time frame you are comfortable with but also give you the skills to really understand and interpret how a market is moving and what its ultimately going to do in the near future…

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    Designed for traders who want to understand what drives market moves and how to best capitalise on them.

    Learn who drives the market & how best to capitalise on these moves. Increase your return by trading 60 additional assets including Stocks, Commodities & Metals in line with the major players of todays markets.

    Advanced Price Action

    This forms the basis of all technical analysis and is the movement of price plotted over time. 

    Cycles (positive cycle structure)

    These are trends, patterns and phases which materialise in markets depending on business environments.

    Time Frame Correlation

    This is the process of analysing and viewing markets under different time frames. The larger time frame is used establish direction and trend. The shorter time frame is used to identify entries in the market.

    Market Structure

    This refers to the characteristics of the market such as pricing policy and nature of competition. The structure can be organisation or competitive and types include monopolistic and perfect competition.

    Currency Strength

    Currency strength indicates the value of a currency determined by different factors such as fundamental data and interest rates. Identifying strength of currency pairs increases the likelihood of taking high probability trades. 

    Chart Patterns

    Patterns are created by the movement of security prices on a chart and are used to anticipate future direction. The two basic types are continuation and reversal.

    Advanced Pivot’s

    Pivot points are used by traders to identify potential support and resistance levels. They are calculated using the last trading session’s open, high, low, and close. Traders can use pivot points to determine sentiment, trends and reversals.

    Scaling Trades

    Scaling  trades from your original open position. Scaling can help you to adjust your overall risk, lock in profits, or maximize your profit potential.


    Fundamental analysis is looking at macro factors that affect price including interest rates, economic indicators and political factors.


    Understand the Major Players

    Major players include Central Banks and the big financial institutions. Understanding where these participants are positioned in the market helps to anticipate big reversals in the market or trend continuation.


    Market Correlations

    Correlations can provide opportunities to realise a greater profit, or they can be used to hedge your positions and exposure to risk. If you can be certain that one currency pair will move alongside or against another, then you can either open another position to maximise your profits, or you could open another position to hedge your current exposure in case volatility increases in the market. 

    Limit Order Entries

    Although they do have some flaws, some consider limit orders to be a trader's best friend, because they provide certain assurances. Your order will only be filled at the price you set, or better.

    Additional Strategies

    Learn a variety of high quality execution methods both fundamentally & technical across Forex, Stocks, Commodities & Metals 


    Markets regularly follow repeating patterns that are unknown to many traders. These patterns, when you used correctly, can help traders identify how a market will perform in the future, giving traders a much more focused approach to their trading.

    Commitments of Traders

    This near 100-year-old report has long been adopted by processional traders as a means of tracking the trading activities of their fellow professionals. It’s their activity which moves markets and seeing it first-hand puts anyone with this information at an advantage

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