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A common problem facing retail traders is having enough capital to create a worthwhile income from trading. It is a common misconception that this is a get rich quick scheme and that you can make thousands from trading the markets on a monthly basis. To make thousands of pounds/dollars in order to reach financial freedom your trading account needs to be of a substantial size, adding to this correct risk management techniques, trading losses and so on the number of factors working against you increases. Trading professionally means you should be doing one thing – risking low for the highest gain. 

How can Financial Markets Online solve this problem?

Financial Markets Online have created a programme which gives you the opportunity to generate an income from trading by giving you a funded account to trade with. This is capital provided by our liquidity provider which can grow based on your performance. Over time you can realise profits, withdraw this monthly to split with us and keep growing your account from an initial $60,000 all the way up to $1m.

In addition to help you get there you can work with the trading team on a 1-1 basis over a 6 month period meaning we can coach and mentor you to success. We only earn when you make money so it is very much in our interest to help you generate consistency and profitability from trading the Forex Market.

  • Receive a funded account allowing you to have more trading power
  • Your chance to obtain a funded account starting from $60,000
  • Work with the team more closely as we help you realise increased profits and gain larger accounts based on performance
  • Opportunity for the right people who are serious, decisive & committed to work alongside industry experts. We will teach you the exact methods & tools used by banks & hedge funds worldwide.
  • Fast track to success.

1-1 Advanced Training Programme

Split Monthly Profits On A Large Trading Account

Account Growth Path

Account Growth Path Base funding increases as shown below for every 10% made post- successful evaluation

Reasons Why To Join The City Trader Programme

Being part of our programme enables you to receive and learn about all of the below
  • Access to the large account, realise better returns
  • A bespoke trading platform connected to multiple liquidity providers meaning spreads are the best
  • Learn Advanced Technical trading techniques
  • Use Advanced Trading Indicators to help your trading
  • Work with the FMO traders on a regular basis
  • Receive 1-1 coaching taking you to the next level and help you achieve ongoing growth
  • Learn how to trade the news
  • Advanced Support & Resistance Trading
  • Risk Management/Trade Management
  • Trading Psychology dealing with larger account size (with our professional traders)
  • Split Profits 50:50 with Financial Markets Online

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